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  • Existential reflections, thematic essays, brief dissertations and quick blurbs include:

  • (The underclass requiem) Revisiting the Souls of Black Folk: Overcoming Self (Baby Steps to the Promised Land)


  • Speaking to the Rock (of Artificial Intelligence): Addressing the High I.Q. / Low Character of Modern American Culture

  • The Emerging American Dichotomy: The Acute Concentration of Wealth versus The Declining Significance of the White Anglo-Saxon Male (Privilege)

  • The Crown of Thorns (Is God a Masochist)? 

  • Boasting in Infirmities (The Divine Gift and Hidden Purpose of Human Suffering)

  • Psalm to the Flights of 9/11 * (free upload)

  • Delusions of Grandeur: The Coat of Many Colors (The African-American Phenomenon of .004%)

  • The Demise of the High Priestess: The Fundamental Disintegration of the Nuclear Family and the Moral Ramifications (Void) of Women in the Workforce 

  • The Extreme Right (Angry Birds Holdin’ Fort): Custer’s Last Stand (The Browning of Millennial America)

  • The Great American Treatise (Barking-Up the Wrong Tree): My Two Cents on Reparations (Take it or Leave it)

  • Spiritual Principles: The Fine Art of Deciphering Evangelical Truth from Religious Dogma

  • Utopian Dissonance (Playing Nice in the Sandbox): The Final Evolutionary Mandate (Humanity as One Nation Under God)

  • House Niggas and Boogeymen: The Ambiguous Inclinations of the Mulatto Class (Within the Distorted Tradition of African-American History)

  • The Golden Buffet: Why We Must Help Ourselves (as Participants and Progenitors) in the Metaphysical Process

  • The Cheerful Giver (Reclaiming America's Exquisite Liberal Tradition): Initiating the Provocative Revival of Postmodern Progressivism 

  • Cognitive Displacement: A Formal Apology (Love Letter) from the Absentee Fathers of the Tumultuous 80's (to our Beloved Sons and Daughters)

  • For Pete’s Sake (The Dangers of Revisionist Thought on Contemporary Progressivism): Mixing Metaphors (Why Emerging Economic Disparities, Social Inequalities and Liberal Reform Cannot Piggyback on the Institution of Slavery, Systemic Oppression and Unfinished American History)

  • Destiny's Lovechild (Human Consciousness & Free Will): Random Intercourse with Providential Order 

  • Black and Proud (The Original Homo Sapiens): Race and Ethnicity as the Gross Misnomer (Inexplicable Biological Deviation, Genetic Code, Human Prototype and a More Logical  Interpretation of Adam and Eve - 250,000 years later) 

  • The (Literal and Metaphorical) Symmetry of the Nation of Israel with Afro-America 

  • The Open Letter to Harvard University: Speaking Truth to Power… Where do the Greats go for Correction?  *(free upload)

  • Cadence Counts (Why God Still Matters): Why “I” believe Jesus Christ is the Son (Template) of God (Intelligent Design)

  • To the Country I Love

  • The New African-American Manifesto

  • Nouveau Parables: “Half-Picasso (Abstract) & Half-Robot (Mechanical)” and “A Puncher’s Chance (What I Wish for You)” 

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